‘SRJKC Resource Centre’ is a place where you can get extra SRJKC Chinese textbook-related resources free of charge.

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SRJKC Resource Centre

SRJKC Resource Centre is a site that contains a number of key resources to help students in learning Chinese. The resources are based on SRJKC Chinese Textbooks.

What are the available resources?

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  1. Audio reading of each chapter. 课文朗读 (MP3 格式)
  2. Original Chinese text with Hanyu Pinyin and English translation (PDF file). 课文加了拼音注音, 和英文的翻译 (PDF格式)

At this moment, only English translation is avaible. Malay translation might be added later.

Apart from my materials, I have also tabulated links to more resources prepared by dedicated teachers / parents, they include youtube videos and reference answers to workbooks. 在每一个年级的page里, 我也提供了其他老师/家长/补习中心所准备的材料的link, 如:YouTube视频, 华文活动本的参考答案。

Why do this?

I am currently a researcher in Natural Language Processing (NLP), a field of applying Artificial Intelligence in Languages (both written and spoken). As such I am well aware of AI technologies that can be used to assist in education and in learning. My children who are currently enrolled in a SRJKC school need extra help in learning Chinese because though ethnic Chinese, Mandarin Chinese is not their first language. To that end I have embarked on this journey to create extra resources to aid learning Chinese based on SRJCK textbooks. Happy to share the resources absolutely free and hope they benefit anyone who are on the same journey. Tuition teachers are welcome to use them but my only request is the materials remain free for your students.

我目前是一位Natural Language Processing (NLP) 研究生, NLP 是一门融合语言学和人工智能的科学。我从中也接触到用在教育领域的人工智能程序。 我的孩子们现在就读国民型华小, 由于他们在家不是说华语,所以需要额外的辅助。 因此我根据当前华小的课本,运用了这些程序来制造了额外的辅助的资源。我把这些资源免费地分享给大家, 希望能够帮助到其他华小的学生。补习老师或补习中心请随便使用, 免费提供给学生, 但是不能将其转卖。

If you spot any mistakes….

I hope the materials are of use to you. The materials are prepared using AI applications, I have checked through the materials myself but cannot guarantee that they are 100% error free. If you spot any mistakes, you can report them by sending me the details (ie. which year, which page, what’s the error) to multilingual.malaysian@gmail.com. Have fun learning!!

我希望这些材料对你有帮助。材料是运用人工智能程序准备的,我有查阅过但是不能保障完全没有错误。如果有错误,请发有关资料去这个邮箱: multilingual.malaysian@gmail.com. 祝你学习快乐。

Apart from this initiative, there are others who invested time and effort in translating SRJKC Chinese textbooks into Malay and into English + Malay. If you prefer a physical copy of the translations, you can purchase them from the respective authors (links below):

除了以上的材料, 值得一提的是市面上还有其他华文课本的翻译, 它们分别有马来文的翻译和马来文+英文的翻译。如果你要的是一本实体的书,你可以在以下的link里购买:

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